Who we are?

We are the society of chiropractors which was established in spring 2002. The founder of the society is Henryk Dyczek the alumnus of Oxford College of Chiropractic (1994) and the holder of BSc in Chiropractic from Oxford Brookes University. The society members are the alumni of Academy of Chiropractic established in 1999 which principally teaches the vitalistic (as opposed to reductionist) chiropractic.

The members of the Society of Polish Chiropractors are compelled to observe the Society's Code of Ethics and the Code of Practice. The members hold an Indemnity Professional group insurance with Towarzystwo Ubezpieczeniowe Allianz Polska S.A.

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What is chiropractic?

It is a type of manual therapy principally based on in depth analysis of the motor system and the aetiology of its pathology. Thanks to the chiropractic's gentle, but effective techniques of practice, it can balance the motor system and eliminate symptoms like pains in the head, joints and spine, neuralgia and other secondary complaints which are connected with the malfunction of the motor system (musculo-skeletal system). Chiropractic is being taught in many schools all over the world consequently there are various approaches and philosophies which form the method and consequently there are various techniques which are thaught by different schools. As the result of that, the chiropractic approaches to health model span from reductionist to vitalistic.

What are our aims?

  1. The education of the society on the subject of prophylactics of the pathology of the motor (musculo-skeletal) system caused by modern life.
  2. Continuous professional training and the setting of professional standards through organising training courses (run by experts in the field who are well known internationally), conferences and workshops, as well as setting up the Code of Ethics and Practice.
  3. Introduction into the orthodox medicine the knowledge of diagnosis of functional pathology of the motor (musculo-skeletal) system and the treatment of these with non-pharmacological methods.
  4. Research on the effectiveness of the manual techniques for set pathologies taught by today's different teaching establishments in order to qualify chiropractic into the field of accepted methods by orthodoxy for the treatment of set pathologies.
  5. Continuous cooperation with orthodox medicine in order to work out the most effective common model for the treatment of postural pathologies of children, teenagers and adults.
  6. Cooperation with sports clubs for the creation of increased performance of their members.
  7. The preparation and registration of the legal status of chiropractic in the Republic of Poland.

What are our riches?

The main one are the society members - their talents, therapeutic experience and their personal motivation in the accomplishment of the above aims. The Academy of Chiropractic is our educational and research centre. We publish a magazine "Chiropractic" in which there is information on therapeutic problems, case descriptions, and articles promoting healthy lifestyle, discussions on the subject of manual techniques.

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